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How To Get An Original Birth Certificate

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In USA, you can get as many original birth certificates as you want. The purpose of getting extra original birth certificates is because these original birth certificates are useful in applications for obtaining other documents and services. Original birth certificates are often required for:
  1. Social Security Card application.
  2. Passport application.
  3. Job application.
  4. School registering
  5. etc...
To get an original birth certificate, you can write to your local Department of Health.
  1. Departments of Health in different places may required different procedure of getting a original birth certificates.
  2. Try contact the Department of Health or the Town Clerk from your local City Hall.
  3. Original birth certificates can be issued on the spot by you local Department of Health where your birth records are stored.
  4. To find out more information, visit the US Vital Records Department here.

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