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Harris County Birth Certificates

Harris County Birth Certificates Image 1
To obtain a Harris County birth certificate,  you will need to go through one of the following  in order for you to obtain or revise birth and death records.

1. Apply in person at 8000 North Stadium Drive
2. Apply by regular mail
3. Apply by overnight mail

As usual, some of the details that are required for the application to obtain a Harris County birth certificate are as follow:-
  • Name of the person on the birth certificate.
  • DOB and place of birth.
  • Parent's name - father, mother's maiden name in full.
  • The purpose of obtaining the copy or replacement of birth certificates.
  • If application is made by person other than name on the birth certificate, you must mention the relationship with person whose name on the birth certificate.
  • Contact number (daytime).
  • Signature and complete mailing address.
  • A photo ID, such as driving license or student ID.
For Harris County birth certificates, they are confidential for 50 years, so you must make sure that you are qualified to apply for the birth certificates before filling in the form and submit it. Failing to privide all the required identification and personal details might resulted in a delay in your application, or even worse, rejected by the Department of Vital Statistics of Harris County.

There is a fee revise effective March 13 2006. For each certified copy of birth certificate, $23 is required.

For more detail on Harris County Birth Certificates, please refer here.

*Update on February 2016:

Attention: Due to developments within Vital Statistics Department of State Health, the City of Houston, Bureau of Vital Statistics has temporarily suspended on-line orders. **Customers that have already placed their orders on-line will be processed.

Beginning Monday, February 15, 2016:

  1. Hours of operation for the City of Houston, Bureau of Vital Statistics lobby area will be temporarily changed to 8:00am ¡V 3:00pm Monday-Thursday
  2. Fridays Closed
  3. Funeral Directors contact (713) 837-0311for further instructions
  4. All Remote Sites will be temporarily closed
  5. These changes will remain in effect until further notice.

Customers applying in person have been restricted to only (1) one full size birth/death certificate per application.

Customers that are requesting Certified Birth Fact (Abstract Certificate) will not be impacted by the restricted orders.

Customers that need more than one full size certificate may order additional records through the State office:

Mail-in orders: The Texas Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, P.O. Box 12040, Austin, Texas 78711-2040

on-line orders: ¡§Due to changes being made to Vital Record (Birth/Death Certificate) security paper, supplies are currently limited. Beginning February 10, 2016, all requests are limited to one certified copy per application.¡¨

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