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How To Get A Replacement Birth Certificate

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To get a replacement birth certificate, there are two type of replacement birth certificates.

Replacement Birth Certifcates for US Local Born Citizens

  1. Departments of Health in different places may required different procedure of getting a replacement birth certificates.
  2. Try contact the Department of Health or the Town Clerk from your local City Hall.
  3. Replacement birth certificates can be issued on the spot by you local Department of Health where your birth records are stored.
  4. To find out more information, visit the US Vital Records Department here.

Replacement Birth Certifcates for US Citizens Born Oversea

  1. The birth certificates is under records maintained by the U.S State Department, under Form FS-240.
  2. The replacement birth certificates can serve many of the functionality of the traditional birth certificates, such as proof of citizenship, passport application, social security card application and replacement, school registering as well as job application.
  3. The replacement birth certificates can be apply by the following person:
    1. The individual named in the document.
    2. The Parents of the child.
    3. The legal guardian (proof of guardianship is required).
    4. Authorized person (authorization letter must be provided).
  4. Fee is $30 for 1st copy and $20 for each additional copies applied at the same time.
  5. Some of the vital information required for the replacement of birth certificate:
    1. Request Date.
    2. Purpose of request.
    3. Contact Information e.g. mailing address and contact numbers.
    4. Name of the child (in CAPITAL).
    5. Date time and location of birth.
    6. Name of parents with place and data of birth.
    7. Signature of requester.
  6. All completed forms, along with supported documents and fees have to send to:
    U.S. Department of State
    Vital Records Section
    Passport Services
    1111 19th Street, NW, Suite 510
    Washington, D.C. 20522-1705

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