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How To Get Birth Certificates In Texas

How to Get Birth Certificates In Texas Image 1
Texas Department of State Health Services provides two ways to get birth certificates in Texas.
  1. Request through TexasOnline
    1. Only applicable to request own birth certificates or child that listed you as the parent on the state records.
    2. Required a valid Texas State Driving License or an Photo ID Card.
    3. To request for Texas birth certificates, click TexasOnline.

  2. Request by sending through application form
    1. Only immediate family members or application with legal documentation, such as court order that establishing guardianship.
    2. A photocopy of valid government-issued ID such as driving license, student ID card, Prison ID or Military ID.
A request for a certified birth certificate in Texas costs $22 per copy and $60 for a heirloom copy. For more details, please refer to the Texas State Vital Statistics website here.

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