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How To Get A Copy Of Birth Certificates

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To get a copy of birth certificates, you can write to:-

US Department of State
Passport Correspondence Branch, Overseas Birth
1111 19th Street NW Suite 510
Washington, DC 20522-1705 Contact Number (202)955-0307

Few things that you will need to mention in the letter:-
  1. Make a short letter, straight to the point, remember, it is not an essay.
  2. Make one or at most two request per letter. You don't want to confuse the officers.
  3. No handwritting, please type using typewritter or computer printer.
  4. Provide a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) along with your letter. It will be used to post any correspondense to you.
  5. Allow some times with the process of getting a copy of birth certificates. The process is done with limited personnel resources which alot of paper work involved.
  6. A MUST to include these personal details:-
    1. Date you make the request.
    2. Requestee (Person who searched for) Details:
      1. Name in full (all caital).
      2. Sex.
      3. DOB.
      4. Place of birth (As detailed as possible).
      5. Mother's maiden name.
      6. Father's name.
      7. Relationship to requestor.
    3. The perpose this copy of birth certificate is needed for.
    4. Requestor Details:
      1. Name.
      2. Address.
      3. Driver License Number and issuing state.
      4. Signature.
  7. Allow some time for the processing of the search.

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